Honey Doos

What we do

Kimberly Rogers


Our Goal

Our goal is to help homeowners save money on home services while helping provide local jobs within the community. We find local individuals who are wanting to earn additional income. We connect those individuals with homeowners who are wanting certain home services done. All contractor pros are put through a background check for your safety.

Honey-doos offers a variety of home services for just $39.99 per hour. Regardless of the service, it’s only $39.99 per hour. The customer's clock starts when the pro arrives at the home and stops once services are complete.

Honey-doos does offer item pickup and delivery at an additional charge. This is charged by the time it takes to drive to the pickup location, get items, and arrive home. Plus the cost of supplies.

Contact Free Visit

We offer a contact free visit for homeowners who are not at the home or are taking Co-vid precautions. In the event you select a Contact Free Visit, our pros will arrive at the home, complete the service requested/described by the homeowner, and leave without any contact with the homeowner. In this event, the work is completed without home owner approval and client will be charged for time it took to service the home.

We offer live customer service 7 days per week from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. You can reach customer service at 832.506.5444

Our Cleaning Experts

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