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How to fix a dying tree

When you have trees that are dying or diseased, it’s important to address them quickly and try and save your tree. In Houston Texas, due to climate, you have to be strategic about how/when to treat your trees. You want to assess the tree and try and determine what is wrong. Look for any bark abnormalities, any decaying, dead branches or leaf discoloration, develop a sudden lean, or poor overall tree architecture. If you notice your trees with these issues, then it’s time to start working on saving those trees. First, you’ll want to remove any water sprouts that have grown on the tree. That will take away from the water and nutrients that should be going to other parts of the tree. Any dead limbs should be removed. When removing dead tree limbs, you should make sure to cut it all the way back to the collar of the limb (Closest point to the trunk(). If you are removing tree limbs from an oak tree, you;; want to make sure you take black paint and spray paint any cuts on the tree. This will make sure all cuts are seals and prevent any tree disease. You only need to seal the cuts on oak trees. It’s very important to seal your cuts as oak tree disease can spread from one tree to another. Next, you’ll want to remove any ball moss or any abnormalities from the tree. Then you can get online and purchase spring loaded syringes and a chemical to treat the tree. In the event the tree is past saving, you’ll want to go ahead and fully remove that tree. To remove that tree, you’ll want to start cutting at the top of the tree and cut in about 3 ft. sections until you get to the bottom. Start with removing the branches and then work your way to the trunk of the tree. You will typically need an electric pole saw (can be rented at home depot), and a chainsaw. You’ll also need gasoline and chainsaw oil so you can service your pole and chainsaw. For Safety, make sure you have safety glasses, a hard hat, harness and rope if you are cutting in a tall tree, ear plugs, safety gloves, and a partner for help. Tree trimming is very dangerous and should be done with the highest levels of safety and precaution. Here at Honey-Doos.com we offer tree trimming, basic tree removal, and tree treatment. We Service all of Houston Texas and surrounding areas.

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